Steelicon Valley Launches New Integrated Website

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Steelicon Valley, a full-service technology and advertising company, launched a new website integrating all of its services into one location. Clients can find information and articles concerning the company’s three core areas of expertise – web, mobile, and communication services. showcases the company’s vision of delivering an effective message using all three of the aforementioned core areas. The site has been designed based on the principals of progressive enhancement. Users with older and mobile browsers will be able to access all of the site’s content, while viewing the site on a newer browser enables additional features.

Call-outs to key articles and pages are displayed in an interactive featured content billboard on the homepage.

About Steelicon Valley

Steelicon Valley is a software development and advertising company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We specialize in integrating new technologies into a client’s existing brand image and business model. Our company is owned and operated by veterans of the advertising, information technology, and multimedia industries.

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