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Mobile Development

Steelicon Valley will unlock the power of the smart phone revolution for your company.

Imagine you are a clothing retailer, and a shopper with a smart phone is passing by the entrance to your store. The potential customer is notified of a sale that would interest them based on previous purchases at your business. When the user enters your store, they hold up their smart phone camera and interact with a virtual assistant, who appears to be floating in front of them. The virtual assistant has instantaneous, complete knowledge of your inventory, as well as the shopper’s past purchasing history. It can recommend items based on what the shopper is currently looking at, as well as what they have bought in the past. The user can verbally ask questions, and the virtual assistant is able to respond. If the item he or she wants is not in stock, the customer can use the touchscreen on their smart phone to place an order.

What sounds like science fiction has become reality with today’s mobile technology. Instant, unparalleled, targeted branding is now possible, presented in such a way that it becomes a part of your customer’s perception of reality. Steelicon Valley will help you harness these fantastic new capabilities before your competitors, and intelligently integrate them into your existing business model.

Limitless Possibilities

With the widespread availability of wireless broadband and more powerful handsets, mobile devices allow for increasingly complex forms of advertising beyond primitive sms-based campaigns of yesteryear. Now, iPhone and Google Android apps allow for branding that is every bit as rich and engaging as what is possible on a traditional laptop or desktop.

Steelicon Valley has been quick to embrace mobile technology trends. This requires more than merely porting a successful web-based campaign to a smaller screen. Mobile devices have unique and exciting user interface capabilities, as well as limitations, that must be taken into account. As the previous example illustrates, video, audio, and touchscreen can and should be integrated into an advertising campaign to increase branding and make it as easy as possible for a customer to buy what they want from our clients.