Defender of Sling City for Google Android Released


Players use the touchscreen to launch rocks at the invading enemy.

PITTSBURGH, Pa. Steelicon Valley has launched Defender of Sling City, an exciting new game for the Google Android operating system.

In it, the player must defend their besieged city against the wretched enemy hordes. The game adds an innovative  twist to the traditional shooter genre. Use the touchscreen to control your city’s giant slingshot, and rain rocky destruction on the intruders. Features include:

  • Realistic slingshot controls using the touchscreen
  • 16 levels of intense action
  • Four boss fights that will push you to the limit
  • Beautiful hand-painted artwork that draws you into the game
  • Challenging enemies including storm troopers, tanks, and hydraulic hoppers

Defender of Sling City is available for purchase on the Google Android Market.

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